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Get Fit Orlando: The Best Places To Grab A Workout In SoDo

Trying to grab a workout in SoDo?

The SoDo District is one of Orlando’s oldest and as of late is quickly becoming one of it’s “hippest”. With that comes a lot of cool fitness options. Whether you’re looking for personal training, pilates, or even archery, this Orlando neighborhood has something for you. In this article we are going to share some of our recommended options for working out in SoDo.

Looking For A Personal Trainer?

For those of you who just don’t know where to start when it comes to fitness or are looking for some much needed accountability, you might want to consider hiring a personal trainer. An outside perspective can be really beneficial whenever you’re trying to change something in your life. A personal trainer can help you learn the basics of lifting weights, eating healthy, and consistency.

Overall, this area has a lot of great personal training options that we will cover below. I recommend shopping around to see who is the best fit for you. You will be spending a lot of time with this person so you might as well like them.

Umm…EPOK Performance

Yep that’s right, we offer personal training right here at EPOK. Our adult fitness programs provide a few options at varying price points to get in shape and start eating healthy. This company was started to improve performance for everyone, not just athletes. I believe we have been able to do just that, our approach to fitness is based off form and function.

What’s the point of looking better if you can’t move without pain?

Ultimately, my goal for our personal training clients is to create a customized training experience that will result in them moving better, feeling better, and looking better. The main way this is accomplished is with our EPOK Fit program. This program features a completely 1-on-1 process where a personal trainer goes over every aspect of getting in shape. EPOK Fit provides a personal trainer to coach and assess everything; weekly workout routines, daily nutrition tracking, postural assessments, and even sleep habits are all taken into account.

Workout In SoDo…Let’s Keep It Simple

If you’re just looking to put some headphones on and get to work, these next few places are for you. Sometimes the best workouts are when you can break a sweat by yourself. Just you, a little music, and some weights or a treadmill; for a lot of people this is a recipe for fitness success. Unless you have a garage gym it is likely you’ll have to go somewhere to achieve this.

Thankfully there are some quality commercial gym options here in SoDo that provide everything you need to get a good workout. When choosing a gym you should first and foremost consider location. There are plenty of commercial options, most of which provide consistency both throughout the company and amongst the competition. Unless you are seeking out something specific, like a sauna, they are all going to have similar equipment. Check out these EPOK approved SoDo gyms.

24 Hour Fitness

This 24 Hour Fitness has a host of great amenities and is in my opinion the best big box gym in the area. Located off Crystal Lake St in the SoDo Shopping Center, this gym has everything you could ever want. The downstairs is primarily dedicated to cardio equipment and offers quite the variety. There is also a group exercise room where they have an average amount of classes. If I’m being critical this is an area they could stand to improve in. The downstairs also features a pool area, containing an olympic size swimming pool, sauna, and handicap accessible jacuzzi.

The upstairs is where the real work happens. This 24 Hour Fitness has a large selection of weights and equipment. Almost the entire floor is full of machines meant to train what seems like every muscle in the body. While I personally believe in training in a simple and functional manner, I can see how someone would really enjoy the variety this gym provides. Besides the rows and rows of iron, the upstairs also features a basketball court and a few additional cardio machines. Overall, I would say this gym is a fantastic option for those of you just looking for a place to break a sweat after work. The price point is a little high for a commercial gym, which is why I included the next option.

Youfit Health Clubs

Located conveniently at the southeast corner of E Michigan St and S Orange Ave. This more cost friendly gym provides a simple training environment for its members. If you’ve ever been to a Youfit then you know the visuals are a lot. The entire place is green and purple, from the equipment to the walls. If you can look past this, the gym floor is pretty good. You can find virtually everything you’d need to grab a great workout. Whether you’re a mom looking to lose weight or a high schooler looking to gain some muscle, this location has enough to get you there.

Try A Boutique Gym Workout In SoDo

What’s a boutique gym? A boutique gym is generally viewed as a small fitness studio that focuses on group exercise classes and narrows down its product offering to one or two areas. Their services are known to come along with a hefty price tag, but that is to be expected with any niche product. A $30 group class isn’t for everyone, but for those of you that are looking for a premium group centered fitness experience, there is no better option than a boutique style gym.

A lot of Americans seems to agree, in 2017 boutique fitness brands made up 40% of the market, which was a 121% increase over 4 years. The space is booming and I’m all for it. The rise in specialty studios provides a wider selection for people. This subsequently results in more people working out and living a healthy lifestyle. If the previous options haven’t really spoken to you or you’re looking for something different, check out these SoDo boutique fitness options.

Club Pilates SoDo

The newest addition to the SoDo workout scene, Club Pilates is a familiar chain offering a variety of classes. Pilates itself is a challenging movement practice that develops a foundation of strength, balance, mobility, and flexibility. The workouts themselves tend to take a full body approach to training, but the movements are low impact and joint friendly. This makes pilates a great option for baby boomers and seniors looking to stay fit.

Unlike the mat classes you see in some gyms, Club Pilates offers a wide array of equipment to use during their sessions. This equipment provides a better overall training experience and should lead to more effective results. They offer a free intro class if you are interested in trying it out.

Elevate Yoga Center

If you are looking for yoga classes, look no further then Elevate Yoga. They are without a doubt the most reputable studio in SoDo. The place is located above the Tijuana Flats on Orange Avenue. Elevate Yoga Center has two studios, which allows them to offer a wider selection of classes. The Air room features aerial yoga classes and the Earth room accommodates the more traditional mat classes. Both the Air and Earth studios feature padded flooring. While not a necessity, this is yet another reason why Elevate Yoga is in a class of their own when compared to other places in the area.

Orangetheory Fitness

It’s impossible to talk about boutique fitness studios and leave Orangetheory Fitness off the list. They have quickly become one of the industries’ top dogs and show no signs of slowing down. Their unique combination of branding and class style has come together to result in a pretty awesome product. If you are looking for a high energy workout in SoDo with a community focused aspect to boot, Orangetheory might be your spot. The group class environment means you will be in there sweating it out with a bunch of likeminded individuals, and their heart rate monitors provide a nice way to track your workouts.

Overall, I have always liked what the company as a whole is trying to do. I think they provide a nice fitness alternative for those people who simply do not like working out alone in a gym. The cost is a bit high but that is to be expected with the “premium” model of today’s boutique gyms.

How About Something Different

For those of you looking to switch things up a bit with your current workout routine, look no further. The SoDo District has a few out of the box options to get you moving. The below recommendations are probably not for everybody and honestly not even what you would traditionally think of as a “workout”. But, if you are looking for a fun activity that will also cause you to break a sweat, consider these great local businesses.

Orlando Archery Academy

Yep that’s right…archery! The Orlando Archery Academy is located right off E Michigan St and is actually inside the Signature Fitness building. This indoor archery range features 10, 15, and 20 yard target options. They have classes for kids through their after school program and summer camp. I recommend checking out their website to see what class would fit you best.

Archery may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think about hitting a workout in SoDo, but it is an activity that requires a bit of strength, coordination, and focus to execute well. While this entire guide is about the best fitness options in the district, it is important to understand that not everyone is interested in traditional ways of getting in shape. The Orlando Archery Academy provides people with an opportunity to get up and move a little. This is ultimately the goal, move by any means necessary. Whether it becomes your go to hobby or something you try on a weekend, I recommend checking out what Orlando Archery Academy has to offer.

Orlando Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

While not a traditional method for getting fit, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a commonly used method for maintaining an active lifestyle. In recent years Brazilian Jiu Jitsu or BJJ has had a significant rise in popularity. This is largely attributed to the public’s interest in MMA, of which Jiu Jitsu is a large focal point.

All things considered you don’t have to be a fighter to participate in this fun and practical martial art. In fact, a look at most BJJ gym class schedule’s will reveal more kid and adult classes than competitive sessions. Grappling can be a great way of burning calories while also strengthening your entire body. If you’re up for it try out a session or two. Orlando Brazilian Jiu Jitsu offers free drop in classes to those that are interested.

So, Where Should You Workout In SoDo?

Now that we have covered a wide array of fitness options here in SoDo, it’s time to get after it. Pick one and start moving. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter what you do so long as you are actively trying to better yourself. When it comes to fitness a lot of people suffer from two things, analysis paralysis and tomorrow syndrome.

  • Don’t get lost in searching for what’s best, just start. Optimization is only possible when a foundation is established.
  • Stop planning in your head when you’ll start working out. Monday isn’t the only day of the week you can start something new. Workout today!

If you already have a routine and are just looking for some new places to workout in SoDo, I hope this post opened your eyes to some interesting options. The Orlando fitness community is always growing and fun new places are popping up constantly. These EPOK approved options in the district are all wonderful, but not the end all be all. My hope in writing this article is that it educates and encourages people to check out the gyms, studios, and personal trainers in their neighborhood. I can guarantee you there is something out there for everyone.

Stay tuned for more posts covering all things fitness here in Orlando. In the meantime get out there and move.


John Evans