Speed & Agility

Get fast.

Get explosive.

Get Faster

Our goal is to progressively and simultaneously implement drills to improve your posture, technique, and performance as it relates to speed and agility.


Posture dictates muscle function. In order to be fast you must have adequate range of motion and the ability to maintain proper posture throughout a sprint.


You get better at what you repeatedly do. Developing the pattern of sprinting comes down to proper technique executed over consistent repetition.


To truly get fast you have to sprint at a high intensity. Our speed training methods focus on pushing peak performance through maximal intent and focus.

An Individualized



Why Speed Training

Speed is the most coveted athletic trait. It opens up the game and allows you to more easily create opportunities to display your skill.

Here at EPOK we take a complete approach to speed development. You will not experience any cookie cutter programs or one off workouts. We analyze your technique and then create an individual program to get you faster.

The EPOK Speed system can be designed around your sport practice or as a stand alone program depending on your athletic schedule.

Experts in Speed

A proven system to get athletes faster.

We are the go to option for speed and agility training in Orlando. With everything we do here at EPOK we strive to be the best, and speed is no different. Owner John Evans has a sports science background with experience in team and individual based sports.

john evans sports performance coach

Epok Speed Formula

We develop the individual athlete in accordance to their specific needs. Our speed and agility training is designed to improve your game and your game alone.

1 - Analyze

First we analyze your sprint mechanics, change of direction ability, and overall movement quality to develop a framework for your speed development.

2 - Execute

Once we know where you are at, we then can start executing to get you where you want to be. We work around your sport schedule to fit in the ideal amount of speed and agility training.

3 - Optimize

Our goal is to optimize your speed development. We consistently assess what is working and make the necessary adjustments to keep you progressing.

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Train Remotely

Get faster with Epok no matter where you are located.

Train with EPOK no matter where you are. We offer remote coaching to athletes that are not able to work with us here in Orlando. Our remote program provides the same level of detail, analysis, and customization that our in-person speed and agility training offers. Get faster today with EPOK!

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