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Train with Epok to unleash your potential. Our system is proven and completely individualized to your goals.

Sports Performance

Run faster, jump higher, and train harder. Our sports performance program is designed to improve your ability to excel in your sport.

Sports Science

We monitor individual workload through assessments and data to optimize your training schedule and improve performance.

Personal Training

Get in shape! Our approach to fitness revolves around getting our clients results and teaching them the tools to maintain them long term.

Who We Train

Epok improves athleticism across all stages of development.

Youth Athletes

Our youth performance program is designed to give young athletes the tools for success. We build a solid athletic foundation that will prepare them for the next level of sport.

High School

We offer a complete performance system. We prepare high school athletes in all sports to excel at their sport by developing their speed, agility, power, strength, and coordination.

High Performance

We design programs for athletes getting ready to move up in competition. Whether you’re getting ready for college or a pro combine we got you covered here at EPOK.

Teams & Clubs

Training system for large groups and club organizations. We perform testing and training for individual teams or sports clubs looking to improve their player’s performance.


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On a mission to provide proven high performance training methods to athletes across all levels of sport.

About Us

Epok is a sports performance company based in Orlando, FL and a resource to athletes, coaches, and parents everywhere.

Training Sponsorship

Our training sponsorship program provides our coaching service to athletes who need help maximizing their opportunity to reach their goal.

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