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does jumping rope increase your vertical

Does Jumping Rope Increase Your Vertical?

The good ole’ jump rope, one of the most tried and true pieces of fitness equipment ever. From your average joe to a world champion boxer, jumping rope is a popular exercise that is firmly planted as one of the most versatile activities people choose to partake in. It can

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highest vertical jump in nba

Which Player Has The Highest Vertical Jump In NBA History?

When we think of athletes that can jump high the sport of basketball instantly comes to mind. They do dunk after all, which is possibly the most exciting action in all of sports. NBA players are unique to say the least, with their combination of size and athleticism it makes

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will jumping every day increase your vertical jump

Will Jumping Every Day Increase Your Vertical Jump?

So you want to jump higher, and you are willing to do whatever it takes? Good, I like the intensity and to be honest that approach is what allows most athletes to succeed within their chosen sport. This thought process often translates itself into thinking that if a little of

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Highest Vertical Jump Ever

What Is The Highest Vertical Jump Ever?

Athletes across a variety of sports are all chasing improvements in their vertical jump ability. As a sports performance coach, I often find myself researching this one specific exercise for hours on end. All of this led to me recently wondering, what is the highest vertical jump ever recorded? The

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