Team Performance

Team and club performance training.

Train like the elite.

Designed For

Train with Epok to unleash your potential. Our system is proven and completely individualized to your goals.

Sports Clubs

We have the ability to provide athletic performance training across your entire youth sports club. With proven experience developing programs for U12 to U19 athletes.

Private Schools

Our team performance program is perfect for private schools that may lack the resources to provide strength & conditioning, performance testing, or athlete monitoring.

High Schools

We provide our sports performance training, workload management, and nutrition education services to individual high school sports teams looking for a competitive edge.

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team performance training

Our Training Approach

At Epok we are dedicated to improving athletes ability to perform.

Our Team Performance programs are designed to flexibly fit the needs of your team. We bring a creative approach to training so that your athlete’s get results and your coaches don’t loose any skill acquisition time.

Every single aspect of our programs are customizable so that we can work together as a team in the best interest of your athletes. With EPOK you can rest assured that your team will increase their athletic ability and improve their performance on game day.

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