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Premier Sports Performance Training

Individual and small group sports performance training.

EPOK Performance is the #1 option in Orlando for sports performance training. We provide a complete approach to athletic development, covering everything from strength training and speed and agility to workload monitoring and nutrition coaching.

Our goal is to provide an individual experience that is structured around exactly around what you need to get better at your sport.

Get better at what you do

Our goal at EPOK Performance is to develop your athletic abilities so that you can better display the skills of your sport and ultimately dominate your competition.

Get Faster

Speed is a game changer. We are Orlando’s speed experts and provide our clients with a comprehensive experience. Our system develops every aspect of what it takes to run fast.

Get Stronger

A stronger athlete is a better athlete. Strength training is an often underutilized training method, especially in younger athletes. We teach proper movement and fundamentals.

Get Explosive

When an athlete is explosive you can tell immediately. The ability to jump, juke, close distance, and change direction are all vital attributes that our program improves.

Injury Prevention

The best athletic ability is availability. We develop your movement quality, technique, and work capacity to reduce your chance of sustaining an injury.

Improve Mobility

It is crucial that you have adequate joint mobility in accordance to your sport’s movement tasks. We provide you with mobility routines to address the common injuries in your sport.

Optimize Training

We believe in individual optimization. Our workload monitoring program and daily wellness tracking allow us to make the necessary adjustments to ensure you keep improving.

Remote Coaching

Train with us anywhere with our remote coaching programs.

If you want to train with EPOK but are not in the Orlando area we encourage you to check out our remote coaching service. We provide the same training programs, technical analysis, and workload monitoring that our in-person clients get.

Our remote coaching is a budget friendly option while still maintaining a 1-on-1 coaching experience.

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