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Sports performance training in Orlando.

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What We Do

Train with Epok to unleash your potential. Our system is proven and completely individualized to your goals.

Athlete Performance

We give the individual attention necessary to get results. Our training methods are founded in years of scientific principles that are proven to result in elite performance.

Team Performance

Our team performance training program is designed to help private school, sports club, and high school teams improve their athletic performance.

Remote Coaching

If you’re not in the Orlando area you can still train with us. We offer 1-on-1 remote coaching for athletes ranging across a spectrum of goals and abilities.

Our Coaching Process

Our training system follows a proven process that has helped athletes reach their goals.

Epok Team Training


First we learn about you and your goals. Through our assessments and evaluations we determine where you are at and where you eventually want to be. This process is all about understanding your individual needs.


We design and implement a completely personalized sports performance training program. Our training methods here at EPOK are founded on time tested and research backed modalities.


We consistently test and evaluate your performance throughout to dial in on your individual needs. The objective is and always will be to provide you with the optimal training experience for your sports performance needs.


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Who We Train

Epok improves athleticism across all stages of development.

Youth Athletes

Our youth performance program is designed to give young athletes the tools for success. We build a solid athletic foundation that will prepare them for the next level of sport.

High School

We offer a complete performance system. We prepare high school athletes to excel at their sport by developing their speed, agility, power, strength, and coordination.

High Performance

We design programs for athletes getting ready to move up in competition. Whether you’re getting ready for college or a pro combine we got you covered here at EPOK.

Teams & Clubs

Training system for large groups and club organizations. We perform testing and training for individual teams or sports clubs looking to improve their player’s performance.

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Speed & Agility Training

Get faster with Epok no matter where you are located.

The top option for speed and agility training in the Orlando area. We develop true game changing speed by focusing on the individual. Our system is designed to assess, monitor, and enhance an athlete’s speed, agility, and quickness.

Integrated Sports Science

A proven system to get athletes faster.

We provide a completely integrated sports science program that is designed to fit around your sport schedule and training program. Our approach is entirely customizable to you and will adjust based on the time of year and required demands.

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Services Included

We take into account all aspects of the athletic development process. Our training system is customized to the individual athlete and offers a complete sports performance experience.

Strength Training

Completely customized year round strength training program tailored to your sport.

Speed & Agility

We have a proven system designed to get athletes fast and ready to dominate their sport.

Corrective Exercise

We asses your body joint by joint and then develop a personalized program to optimize your movement.

Injury Prevention

Integrated exercises meant to lower your chances of having some of the common injuries found in your sport.

Athlete Monitoring

We track your training workload, fatigue, sleep, health, etc to provide the optimal training experience.

Technical Analysis

Detailed video analysis of your sprint, jumping, change of direction, and movement mechanics.

Performance Testing

We test your athletic abilities to track your improvements and identify any areas that need additional focus.

Nutrition Tracking

We strive to help you make better nutritional decisions while also tracking your daily food intake.


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