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High School Soccer Schedule

The Problem With Today’s High School Soccer Schedule

The high school soccer schedule can be summed up like this… More Games = More Problems. The high school athletes of today are asked to do far more than ever before. They are thrown into hyper competitive environment after hyper competitive environment, with each presenting it’s own challenges. As you

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Workout in SoDo

Get Fit Orlando: The Best Places To Grab A Workout In SoDo

Trying to grab a workout in SoDo? The SoDo District is one of Orlando’s oldest and as of late is quickly becoming one of it’s “hippest”. With that comes a lot of cool fitness options. Whether you’re looking for personal training, pilates, or even archery, this Orlando neighborhood has something

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Push Up Challenge

Get Fit Orlando: November 2019 – The Push Up Challenge

Introducing Get Fit Orlando…A resource for all things fitness. EPOK has set out to release a monthly newsletter covering local events, interesting content, and monthly challenges. For the inaugural edition we decided to come out the gate with a 100 per day push up challenge. Hopefully this can become a

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Fitness Goal Setting

Fitness Goal Setting: How To Target What You Want

Do you ever feel like you’re spinning your wheels when it comes to getting healthy and in shape? You know exactly how out of shape you are but just can’t seem to figure out how to get where you want…or really what exactly you even do want. This is a

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Goal Setting For Athletes

Goal Setting For Athletes: How To Set Yourself Up For Success

Goal setting for athletes is something that gets talked about a lot. So much so that people have literally made careers and businesses off this rhetoric alone. A relaxing Sunday watching football almost always means you are going to come across a sports drink or clothing line commercial preaching that

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